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Business Intelligence

Harness your data to improve critical decision-making

Data-driven insights drive revenue and profitability

Imagine having a powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence (BI) system at your fingertips, allowing you to create relevant, timely insights—without having to call IT.

Trabon Solutions, based in Kansas City, draws from decades of IT and business experience to develop custom solutions that are precisely tailored to meet your unique BI needs. It requires a thoughtful approach to how newly created insights will improve performance, and a deep understanding of data sources, quality, accessibility and management.

Why Trabon?

We deliver BI solutions that are tailored to your unique situation

Trabon provides BI services ranging from strategic planning and data management, to business intelligence software selection and implementation.

Creating actionable, data-driven insights to promote better decision-making guides every step of our BI process. Staying true to our business-first approach, we develop a solution to your unique BI challenge that is sized appropriately to your business, and is sustainable at the lowest total cost of ownership possible.


how it works


Discovery Meeting

First, we conduct a no-cost discovery meeting with you to gain a deeper understanding of your business strategy, challenges, opportunities, and the high-level requirements for your business intelligence initiative. This enables us to better understand how to design the best solution to address your needs. It also allows us to gather the information necessary to develop a proposal for the first phase of our process: the design of your new business intelligence software solution.


Trabon Design Studio

The Trabon Design Studio provides a rapid, effective approach to define your overall dashboard strategy. The goal is to understand at a high level the types of measures and dashboards to create, frequencies of update, types of users and interactions, and the sources and types of data that you will need to input. We’ll also help design your measurement framework, i.e. the list of target metrics and their definitions.



The goal of the development stage is to select the business intelligence software and the analytical tool(s) used for the dashboards. We can also recommend any other technology elements needed for the architecture, including the database system, extract transform and load (ETL) tool, and the fixed report generation tool (used to complement the analysis tool if needed.)



We then implement the BI software and create the dashboards and a data warehouse and ETL tool if needed. Training is also included.

Business intelligence in action

We’ve partnered with companies of every size and industry focus to create solutions to their most pressing BI challenges. We’ve helped them turn raw sales, marketing, operations and accounting data into insights that drive and support profitable new strategies.

Armed with greater visibility into broad operational performance and problem areas, leaders and their teams have the information they need to make better decisions on a daily basis. Take a look at a few of our client success stories.

Client: Direct Response Marketing Company

Issue: Manually intensive processes and legacy system was stunting growth

Solution: Developed new SQL-based solution that integrates data from 30+ data sources to create 360° view of an individual. Resulted in a major increase in scalability and speed, significantly reducing the cycle and staff time required to target and create direct marketing campaigns.


Client: Legal Services Firm

Issue: Create a more efficient lead generation and conversion process

Solution: Selected and implemented Microsoft Power BI software to improve the effectiveness of marketing and intake functions. Enabled greater control over the measurement process, allowing integration of data from multiple sources and easy to use, intuitive dashboards. Resulted in improved analysis and decision-making across several key variables impacting lead generation and conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you train me on how to set up dashboards and use the system?

Yes. We help you define your specific Measurement Framework and train you on how to build new dashboards and drill down on data to create actionable insights.

Can you help me aggregate and cleanse my data?

Yes. It’s common for data to come from multiple different sources and lack standardized naming conventions. This is one of the leading causes of inaccurate data and reporting. We can help you improve your data aggregation and cleansing processes as either a standalone project or part of a broader BI initiative.

Can you help me determine if I need new BI software?

Yes. As standard practice we’ll help you to decide if it makes more sense for you to make improvements to your existing BI capabilities or select and implement a new BI software.


"The biggest surprise for us in deploying our new BI solution was learning that while we have well defined and efficient processes, we’ve been executing them in an inconsistent manner.   Knowing where to apply fixes to this end, has enabled us to significantly improve our on-time delivery."

- Chief Operating Officer, Custom Engineered Systems Company

We devoted three months to preparing for this project and selecting a new software development partner to do the work. We ultimately chose Trabon and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. As a company, they’re a real pleasure to work with. We found their consultants to be exceptional, and their depth of knowledge and leadership style both confidence building and refreshing. Our project was a major success. We plan to partner with them again in the future.

- Project Controls Manager, Construction Company

Beyond the enormous amount of time, accuracy, and better service it has returned to the company, it has become a catalyst for greater growth and better service beyond what had been originally imagined.

- Vice President, Project Sponsor, Mid-sized Insurance Company

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