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The unexpected ROI of a Fractional CIO

At Trabon Solutions in Kansas City, most of our Fractional CIO clients fall into two categories. Either they’ve experienced several IT-related performance issues that have negatively impacted business growth and know they can do better. Or they’re embarking on a strategic initiative, such as replacing an ERP system, and need expert guidance with the system selection process and implementation.

We approach Information and Technology from a Business Management and Operations perspective. Finding or building tools – hardware, software, people, and processes – to solve business problems or exploit business opportunities.

Every organization can benefit from the guidance of an experienced, business-oriented CIO, but not every organization can justify hiring one. Because of this, we offer Fractional (part-time) CIO services. Our Fractional CIOs provide your business with the quality IT leadership you need to maximize performance within a budget that makes sense for your company’s size.

Why Trabon?

Our Fractional CIO service is staffed by professionals with 20+ years’ in executive IT leadership

The insight of our experienced Fractional CIOs will bring more visibility, accountability and predictability to your current IT infrastructure and future spend. Our Fractional CIOs are experts at ramping up fast and quickly identifying opportunities for your organization to:

  • Improve IT performance and efficiency
  • Reduce IT costs and get more value for each dollar spent
  • Reduce the risk of catastrophic events

how it works


Improving IT Performance

Improving IT performance often requires the ongoing support of a Fractional CIO to diagnose the root cause of the issues, develop a plan to correct them, and effectively execute the plan.

The beginning of the process is similar to our IT strategy assessment and planning process, but the major difference is that the Fractional CIO, not you, is ultimately responsible for executing the plan. Your Fractional CIO’s weekly time commitment and the duration of engagement is based on the plan and your specific situation and goals.


Needing Execution Assistance

Needing assistance with the execution of a strategic initiative usually requires determining the best software solution to support the business either in its existing state or a new market or product strategy of some sort.

To accomplish this your Fractional CIO will:

  • First seek to understand the strategy and goals of your business
  • Assist in determining the requirements for the new system
  • Determine if package software can meet your requirements
  • Identify and conduct a review of potential candidate systems
  • Rank each candidate system based on the requirements and present findings to leadership
  • Aid in the final decision and negotiation of terms and conditions
  • Provide implementation oversight upon request

Fractional CIO services in action

Having worked with clients of all sizes and industry focus, we help select the best fit Fractional CIO for each unique situation. The right fit complements your existing executive team and provides valuable IT insights and leadership. Take a look at a few of our client success stories.

Client: Industrial Distributor

Issue: Improve IT group’s performance and support of business

Solution: Assumed leadership of internal IT group to resolve performance issues and create scalable IT infrastructure. Created IT strategy to transform IT group and processes. Modernized and upgraded IT infrastructure to improve performance, cost structure and cyber security.


Client: Food Training and Certification

Issue: Needed to modernize IT infrastructure and processes to achieve company’s growth goals

Solution: Developed Enterprise Data Architecture to support enterprise growth initiatives around data integration needs, information management and data warehousing. Designed and planned implementation of the technical infrastructure necessary to develop new products, improve the profitability of existing ones and produce more accurate and timely reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of hours I need to commit to?

No. We’ll determine the time commitment needed based on what’s necessary to accomplish your goals and successfully execute your IT roadmap. Then together, we’ll agree on a time commitment that makes the most sense for you from a budget and change management perspective.

Am I just adding to my IT cost if I hire a Fractional CIO?

The short answer is no. The ROI associated with using a seasoned Fractional CIO is real and measurable. It’s common, especially in the first year, for them to find opportunities to reduce everyday costs, increase the value of your IT budget, and to significantly reduce the risk of catastrophic losses.

How do I know if I need a Fractional CIO?

Most organizations can benefit from having a Fractional CIO on staff. To determine how you might specifically benefit really requires a conversation. However, visible clues include:

  • IT network and software performance issues
  • IT projects that are slow to start and routinely exceed budgets and deadlines
  • Lack of an IT roadmap and other critical documentation
  • Upcoming strategic initiatives, i.e. replacing a core operating system
  • Lack of a recent review of your IT costs and risks and a plan to improve them

It’s difficult for many business leaders to appreciate the value of a CIO as they’ve grown accustomed to working around their IT performance issues and are simply unaware of how a strategic IT leader can positively impact their bottom line.


When I joined the company, we quickly identified the need to enhance our systems, processes, and data mining abilities to position the company for growth. To do this, we knew that we would need to bring in outside expertise.  After extensive discussions, we chose Trabon Solutions. They brought in a highly seasoned consultant that was able to quickly understand the complexity of our multiple business segments, gain a high level of trust with our associates, and identify the opportunities and gaps that existed in our systems and process. Trabon delivered well above expectations in both timeline and recommendations.  With our limited staff and knowledge base of what exists, engaging Trabon has saved us considerable time, money, and frustration over the option of us doing this ourselves.

- Chief Operating Officer, Footwear Manufacturer and Wholesaler

"Our new system has enabled us to grow our online sales from just 1% to over 25% of our annual revenue, significantly increasing our profitability in the process."

- Chief Operating Officer, National Sign Distributor

If anyone in the world could design our Dynami Builder software, I knew Trabon could. Thanks for helping us show the market what an extraordinary piece of work it is.

- President, Residential Development Company

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