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Mobile apps have evolved from simple marketing vehicles to essential tools for accessibility, field personnel communication and enhanced customer experience.

At Trabon, we specialize in building integrated mobile apps that are powerful, yet cost efficient to develop and maintain. Using Xamarin cross-platform mobile development technology, we’re able to develop a single code base in a single language that enables integration with core back-end systems and third party apps.

Why Trabon?

We know what mobile users want and what technical success requires

Our approach to mobile app development helps reduce our client’s initial cost of development and any additional cost to add features and/or maintain the application.

Our developers remain out in front when it comes to trends and technology for the mobile app space. We understand mobile user expectations for both Apple (IOS) and Android devices and what it takes to develop a back-end with minimal maintenance costs and faster time to market.


how it works


Discovery Meeting

First, we conduct a free preliminary discovery meeting with you to better understand why you need a new custom application, your high-level requirements for the application, and the number of key stakeholders that will be impacted and that we’ll need to interview. This helps us understand the type and size of application we need to build and to gather the information necessary to develop a proposal for the first phase of our process — the Trabon Design Studio.


Trabon Design Studio

Design is the most important phase of a successful software project.  Unfortunately, many organizations tend to undervalue this phase, opting instead for a strategy that feels more like “code and hope.”  Not Trabon.

Trabon’s Design Studio provides a rapid, effective approach to determine the core design elements for an application. The process ensures that both you and our development team have a clear vision for what the application will and won’t do, how long it will take to develop, and how much it will cost.

Deliverables may include:

  • Screen Mockups are created so that end users can interact with the new design visually.
  • Functional Requirements define the rules for what the system will (and sometimes will not) do.
  • Process Model defines who/what triggers each process and how the organization responds to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Data Model defines how the application uses data.
  • Technical Architecture diagram lays out the proposed architecture for the new application.
  • Cost Estimate is a detailed estimate of the time effort and fees required to construct the application.



After the Design Studio, the first step in the development phase, technical design, takes place to ensure that development is efficient and that the resulting application is maintainable, scalable, and extensible. Development translates the specifications created during design into code. We also test the system to verify the code works according to those specifications. At completion, acceptance testing is conducted by the client as a final check before deployment.

Deliverables can include:

  • Technical design and specifications
  • Use cases for end user testing
  • Source code and documentation
  • End user training documentation



During deployment the system is moved to production servers and released for use. Training of users, if needed, is conducted. The application then moves into a support and maintenance mode.

Mobile app development in action

We’re not just order takers; we help validate your underlying business assumptions and at times, challenge them.

By doing this, we help you better hone your business requirements, so they’re more directly aligned with achieving your business goals. Below is a small sample of our work.

Client: Commercial HVAC Company

Issue: Increase profitability via improved efficiency in the field and ERP integration

Solution: Developed mobile app to improve the efficiency of dispatching service technicians to jobs, and managing related tasks and information. Resulted in improving the efficiency of field personnel and the accuracy of the data necessary to maintain customer loyalty and win new business.


Client: Corporate Training Company

Issue: Needed mobile app to meet competitive threat from two biggest competitors

Solution: Developed mobile training delivery and account management system with back-end integration. Xamarin technology enabled efficient iOS and Android development and transition to internal IT group. Resulted in meeting and exceeding competition’s features and customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What technologies do you specialize in?

While we work with a number of different technologies, we specialize in the Microsoft Stack and Business Application Platform, i.e., .NET C#, Xamarin, SQL Server, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Azure and Office 365.

Can you provide everything needed to design, build, and deploy my mobile app?

Yes. We specialize in greenfield custom development, which is the art and science of building software from scratch. We’ve invested heavily in the skill sets, processes, and infrastructure needed to consistently produce successful outcomes.

We have no experience building mobile apps. Where do we start?

You don’t need any experience. We have over 20 years of experience guiding clients through the software development process, i.e., visioning, design, construction, deployment, and maintenance. Just give us a call, we’ll take it the rest of the way.

Can you build mobile apps for both Apple (iOS) and Android devices?

Yes. We use Xamarin’s cross-platform mobile development technology, which enables us to develop a single code base but efficiently deploy it to both platforms. This enables us to reduce our client’s initial cost of development and their ongoing cost to add features and maintain it.


Beyond the enormous amount of time, accuracy, and better service it has returned to the company, it has become a catalyst for greater growth and better service beyond what had been originally imagined.

- Vice President, Project Sponsor, Mid-sized Insurance Company

"Trabon played an integral role in the successful execution of our SharePoint initiative. They not only demonstrated deep technical knowledge regarding the platform, they were able to quickly understand the numerous business issues driving the project. This made my life considerably easier, as they were able to help us identify potential upstream/downstream operational impacts to be addressed, while keeping our internal IT staff and business executives focused on achieving the business goals of the project."

- Director, Information Technology, Healthcare Insurance

When I joined the company, we quickly identified the need to enhance our systems, processes, and data mining abilities to position the company for growth. To do this, we knew that we would need to bring in outside expertise.  After extensive discussions, we chose Trabon Solutions. They brought in a highly seasoned consultant that was able to quickly understand the complexity of our multiple business segments, gain a high level of trust with our associates, and identify the opportunities and gaps that existed in our systems and process. Trabon delivered well above expectations in both timeline and recommendations.  With our limited staff and knowledge base of what exists, engaging Trabon has saved us considerable time, money, and frustration over the option of us doing this ourselves.

- Chief Operating Officer, Footwear Manufacturer and Wholesaler

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